Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

The Rotary Foundation is a charitable wing of the Rotary International and works on the same ideas and principles. The Rotary Foundation aims at achieving various goals through different services and programs, which include creating goodwill and peace throughout the world. Health and education plays a significant role in achieving the goals and objectives. It is through the improvement of health, support of education and by alleviating poverty that one can create peace and goodwill throughout the world.

The Rotary Foundation was started in the year 1917. It was the initiative of the sixth President of the Rotary International, Arch C. Klumph. It was created to serve as a donation fund for Rotary, so that the Rotarians can do well in the world through humanitarian works, cultural exchange programs and education. It is run by the contributions made by the Rotarians as well as their friends and people interested in donating for the advancement of world peace and goodwill.

The "PolioPlus" is the polio eradication program being taken care by the Rotary Foundation. There are about two billion children from all round the world who have received polio vaccination ever since it started in the year 1985. It is due to their constant efforts that there are 209 areas, territories and countries in the world which can be referred as polio-free.

There are few Humanitarian Grants Programs in place to support humanitarian programs locally as well as internationally. The Educational Programs offered by the Rotary Foundation play a crucial role in the improvement of education worldwide.

This non-profit organization started with a contribution of USD 26.50 has now reached a whopping USD 55 million. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also donated $355 million for the smooth and proper working of the foundation. Hence, through its various programs, Rotary Foundation has been striving to achieve understanding and peace all over the world with the improvements in health, education and humanitarian programs.


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